Become an athlete

Participation in Special Olympics training is open to all persons with an intellectual disability and 8 years of age or older. This is regardless of the level of disability and whether that person also has physical disabilities.  The RAVE is based in Rosemount, Apple Valley and Eagan but is an open team that allows athletes from other communities to participate as well. 

To get started with RAVE

  • Register for participation through Special Olympics Minnesota (SOMN) by completing the SOMN Athlete Application which includes the Consent and Medical Form. Follow the instructions on the Form Central page on where to send the form.
  • Provide your contact information to the RAVE by completing the RAVE Contact Form. This will ensure you get information about upcoming seasons and RAVE events.

Registration information and links to forms can be found on the Form Central page on the RAVE website.

More information is available on the SOMN website.

For general information: please email the head of delegation at [email protected].