Become a coach

Within the RAVE’s program, coaches play an essential role.   Coaches help the athletes to grow in their skills and to become a part of a team.   Coaches encourage athletes to develop to their full potential.

We use volunteer coaches for all our sports.   Most of our volunteers are parents, siblings, or people willing to spend a small amount of time and who get a huge reward through their service. 

Coaches are all trained and certified through Special Olympics Minnesota.   These trainings are all done individually online. Special Olympics Minnesota also coordinates background checks. Coaches go through recertification every three years.  Having a broad bench of coaches is important for the RAVE as Special Olympics has specific coach to athlete ratios.   

Level 1 Training

All coaches go through Level 1 training. This includes a brief application and a short online training. The online training provides general information about Special Olympics and working with the athletes. Level 1 coaches may assist in coaching any sport. 

Complete the SOMN  Volunteer Application and Level 1 Training

Level 2 Training

To be certified as a Level 2 coach, coaches must first complete Level 1 certification requirements above, and then complete the SOMN Level 2 Certification. Level 2 coach certifications are for a specific sport, and coaches can get certified in multiple sports.

Level 2 Recertification

Level 2 certification is good for three years. Coaches have two options to recertify. Please see the Level 2 Recertification in Special Olympics Minnesota’s Coach Portal.


If you have any questions about coaching for The RAVE or need any assistance becoming a certified coach, please contact Anne Knapp, the RAVE Coach Sport Coordinator, at [email protected].

Check your certification status

RAVE coaches can check their certification status here:  Coach Certifications.